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How can I register as a reseller?


Why is my article on demand?


Why is there no availability information for most of the print heads from EPSON?


Where can I find remote controller for my EPSON projector?


What means complete or partial delivery?


Why are devices in the shop displayed as inactive?


Why do I have to pay a copyright fee for some devices?


What are government devices?


Do social and public institutions receive special conditions when buying equipment or consumables?


Can I repair my device myself?


Which device can I send in for a repair?


How much is the repair for my device?


How long does it take to repair my device?


My device has onsite warranty, how do I proceed?


What do I need to send my broken device.


Should I leave the ink/toner cartridge in the printer?


How do I know that GEDAT received my device.


Why is a repair not possible?


What, if my device cannot be repaired?


How do I know that my device is repaired and that I get it back?