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Duty to notify acc. to §18 phrase 1 German Battery Law (BattG)

Dear customer:

If you decided to buy batteries or devices that include batteries or rechargeable batteries (accumulators), we are obliged to inform you about the following:

Batteries must not be disposed into general domestic waste. You are legally obligated to return used batteries. Batteries may contain toxic substances which can harm the environment and your personal health if they are stored or disposed incorrectly. On the other side they also contain important resources like iron, zinc, manganese or nickel which can be reused.

What does the trash can symbol stand for?

All batteries are marked with a crossed out trash can which implies the prohibition of disposing batteries into the general trash.

There are chemical formulas with the following meanings underneath the symbol:
Hg: batteries contain more than 0,0005 wt% of mercury
Cd: batteries contain more than 0,002 wt% of cadmium
Pb: batteries contain more than 0,004 wt% of lead

Where can batteries be returned?

You can return batteries that you bought from us for a correct disposal. Therefore, please send a postpaid parcel with the used batteries to GEDAT Datentechnik GmbH, Antonstr. 3, D-09337 Hohenstein-Ernstthal. Please mark the parcel with the word “Batterieentsorgung” (=disposal of batteries).

In case of dispute the German version of this notification shall take precedence.